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Friday, June 10, 2011

BNI Podcast Episode 208: “Behind the GAINS profile"


Hazel Walker, co-author of Business Networking and Sex—Not What You Think, joins Dr. Misner today to talk about the GAINS profile, first mentioned in Business by Referral. (That stands for Goals, Accomplishments, Interests, Networks, and Skills.)

How does the GAINS profile help BNI members?

•Goals are how we help one another. It’s much easier to refer another person when you know what s/he is trying to achieve.
•Knowing someone else’s Accomplishments lets you build their credibility.
•Interests help us find common ground and build rapport.
•Discovering each other’s Networks lets us connect one another.
•Skills provide more credibility and open doors to doing business.
The idea in a GAINS exchange is to have a conversation. Hazel likes to start with the I, because it’s easiest to build rapport that way. For instance, two men who resisted doing the GAINS exchange discovered they were both soccer coaches and became the best of friends.

Hazel also recommends doing the GAINS profile with members of your chapter more than once. The answers to these questions change over time.

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You can listen to the entire podcast by clicking here.

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