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The Champions Chapter of SoCal BNI was founded in April of 2004 and has grown to 32 members! We meet at the Meridian Club in Fullerton, California on Tuesday mornings at 7:30 AM. We would love for you to visit our chapter and consider joining our very diverse and successful group of professionals. For further information, please contact the President, Allen C. Buchanan at 714.564.7104 or email me at abuchanan@lee-associates.com

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

President's Weekly Letter, Champions SoCal BNI

Happy Birthday to Me! (yesterday)

Woooooooo, CHAMPIONS!

Rosanne surprised me before the Champions were called with the birthday cake pictured. Ms. Buchanan gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Allen, many years ago on that very day! Thanks Rosanne for your thoughtfulness! You are welcome for the latte.

Visiting envoy:

The Champions welcomed one visitor and two subs today that had cool things to say during the Stand and Deliver:

Kim Welch of Send Out Cards and President of Liaisons spoke of the Champions fantastic reputation...coming from a fellow president, well received! Tom Roby, subbing for Chuck Tipton enjoyed the enthusiasm and energy. Tom mentioned the same was true last time he visited. Jenna Beck...no relation to our VP, Greg...from Colette's catering mentioned that the effort was lovely and she was surprised at the structure. We listen to our visitors and subs as we strive to create a "World Class" BNI experience! You will be hearing a lot about "world class" in the months to come!

My guests at the dais:

You all recognize the International Tabasco Award for the "hottest" SMM...this week's winner, Steven Stakley who finally had to promise Laker tickets to win the award...but it worked! No more singing, Steven.

The three you might not recognize...the lava lamp, the hand weight and the kitchen utensil...will play pivotal parts in next weeks SMMs as members are encouraged to use one (or more) of the items in their SMM...cannot wait to hear the creativity! The winner of next weeks SMM will be a true Champion. Will we crown our first two time winner? Tune in next week to see!

I was also happy to recognize the December visitor leaders...Ela Corcoran and Clay Colwell who together invited one half of the visitors! Well done, folks...and welcome back, Clay. As you may recall, Clay and Dawn said I dos in December!

EC phone home...or is it ET?

Any way, we learned to attend the meetings, build those relationships, and do more one-to-ones. Also, carefully choose your subs if you must be absent. The L/T team is here to help anyway we can!

VP on our Chapter Biz:

For the first three months of the new term vs the first three moths of last year, we have almost doubled the number of referrals we have passed! Last week, this resulted in $34,000 of TYFCB...annualized that is over $820,000...Ka Ching! and I didn't sneeze...that is the sound of the cash register, ya'll!


Robert Perez, videographer of the Champions, showed us examples of bad video and good video. We are fortunate that Robert is with us each week and where Robert goes, the camera follows. Robert has developed quite the reputation among other BNI chapters as rumor has it that he will video several keynotes for other chapters. Good referrals for Robert are CRE or residential brokers that need video content for their listings.

One of our charter members, Steven Stakley, ended his pitch with a promise to host any Champion and their client to a Laker game in the Burnham Gibson luxury suite. I really enjoyed learning about Steven's focus upon small business owners and closely held corporations and their investment, life insurance, and financial needs. Greg Beck gave a riveting testimonial of Steven's ability during Stand and Deliver. What was truly poignant, was that Greg used himself as an example of the great work that Steven has done on his personal investments. Always a pleasure, Mr. Stakely!

Upcoming events:

Stack Day February 22, with Merchant Services, Plumber, and Family Law Atty as our inviting targets

Six Chapter Networking Event on February 11 with Liaisons, Velocity, YL, Premier Professionals, WOMBATS, and Champions. This event will conclude International Networking Week.

Chapter visit by the Beachside Business Builders chapter on February 1

Next Week: SMM using the lava lamp, weight, or the kitchen utensil...should be a blast!

Please make it a Champion week!

My best to you,


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