Welcome to the Champions Chapter of SoCal BNI!

The Champions Chapter of SoCal BNI was founded in April of 2004 and has grown to 32 members! We meet at the Meridian Club in Fullerton, California on Tuesday mornings at 7:30 AM. We would love for you to visit our chapter and consider joining our very diverse and successful group of professionals. For further information, please contact the President, Allen C. Buchanan at 714.564.7104 or email me at abuchanan@lee-associates.com

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

President's Weekly Letter, Champions SoCal BNI

Wooooooooo, CHAMPIONS!

"When you keynote, pick an item to give away that will cause your chapter members to always think of you" Jim Sando, Education Coordinator for the Champions. The tag to the left...if you scan it...will be something that causes all of you to think of me...which created a flurry of memories of the "year of the Champions" (almost) while I have served as your chapter President. What are the things that I remember when I think of each of you? Here they are by member:

Jim Salem, that friendly smile every week
Patrick O'Kane, what part of his body was to be injured next
Chuck Tipton, "hair on fire"...
Jim McCracken, amortization made simple
Kris Hansberger, "you can slip it"
Angelo Dionisiou, the next time I beat him to a meeting will be the first
Gary Lorge, the impromptu Frank Sinatra SMM...epic!
Bill Edman, Quack Quack
Randy Clement, the father and son SMM during bring you child to BNI week
Doug Luchansky, the "build your company keynote"
Greg Beck, (if only one)...gotta be the SMM where he became the "sheriff"
Rosanne Grigsby, wow! the fighter!
Chris Vasquez, his home purchase utilizing the best the Champions has to offer
Steven Stakley, four time ITA winner...and still seven weeks to go!
Jim Sando, EC moments to a whole new level
Brett Adolph, when will he win the ITA?
Carmina Perez, that beautiful smile (see Jim Salem)
Robert A. Perez, what happens at Champions stays on You Tube
Aric Gless, the scaled drawing of the venue for buffet planning purposes
Joe Davis, the pirate hat
Christina Pham, bringing a visitor while visiting
Dr. Real, three time ITA and mentor to several other ITA winners
Dr. Kwik, the SMM which included a "mock pregnancy"
Kathy Penton, the gardening hat
Steve Barnett, (see Chris Vasquez)
Bo Lowe, the ENERGY...every week!
James Kashi, "good morning, Chuck"
Mark Bill, "I'm not a computer guy"
Jody Houseman, the ITA winner using a simulated hammer on the roof (see Dr. Real)
Michael Figueroa, his impassioned recap of his employer
Donna Cahoon, quickest ITA winner on record

So there you have it. I will think of you all when these items are mentioned.

Make it a Champion week everybody!

Your faithful President,

Allen Buchanan


  1. What is the QR Code up there, Allen?

  2. There are two memories that come to my mind over the past year...Rosanne in tears, telling us what a family we were to her while she was fighting her cancer and the time you read the email from Clay to Jenni, telling her how we were a family to him. That's a Champion...not just a referral base, but a family member!

  3. We are blessed to have such kind and caring people in our chapter, as demonstrated by Allen's & Jim's comments. It's my privilege to be a part of this group! :-)