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The Champions Chapter of SoCal BNI was founded in April of 2004 and has grown to 32 members! We meet at the Meridian Club in Fullerton, California on Tuesday mornings at 7:30 AM. We would love for you to visit our chapter and consider joining our very diverse and successful group of professionals. For further information, please contact the President, Allen C. Buchanan at 714.564.7104 or email me at abuchanan@lee-associates.com

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

President's Weekly Letter, Champions SoCal BNI

Jim Sando with his "props" and the EC Moment

Pictured: The Beachside Business Builders (without Deanna Abrahams) From Left to Right: Trent Clark, Erika Jessie, Johnathan Tran, Leslie Van Deusen, Thane McCready, Dave Schuberth, Charlie Finn, Stacy Neuland, Robert Preciado, and Ken Duong.

Wooooooooo, CHAMPIONS!!

Today's meeting of the SoCal Champions BNI was filled with laughter, visitors, and our brethren from the west...the Beachside Business Builders from Fountain Valley. Trent Clark, a Socal BNI director was present, unofficially, for the festivities and witnessed the International Tabasco Award delivered first hand as well as his fellow director, Lem Bucago keynoting on the ways to present using Power Point...more on that, including film at eleven, in a moment.


In addition to our fellow BNI-ers, the Champions welcomed four visitors...three of whom have submitted apps and our membership committee is hard at work getting the apps vetted for approval...Carmina Perez, from FIS Merchant Services, Bonny Thompson from Time Warner Cable, and Joe Lynch, a general contractor. Christina Pham from Elect Graphic and Printing was our fourth visitor. I certainly hope that she applies as our chapter could use a printer!

EC Propped Moment:

Mr. Sando used the local talent to "prop up" his EC moment today and wrapped up the series on relationship building, time, attendance and how they all mesh to create V.C. and P! Thanks to the props Clay Colwell, Brett Adolph, Lem Bucago, Gary Lorge (two time Tabasco winner) and Doug Luchansky...who gave his first referral today! Vana White could not have done better, fellas!

The International Tabasco Award:

So the BBBs got to see the International Tabasco Award competition for the "hottest" sales manager moment today and I believe that to a person they were impressed by the snappy, specific SMMs and the camaraderie and skill that the award builds. Chuck Tipton emerged victorious from a packed field...rumor has it he bought the award...not literally but figuratively as he threw a handful of dollar bills to illustrate an owner throwing his money away on rent...VERY effective. Chuck won by a nose according to Gary Lorge, last week's winner. Now next week Chuck gets to award the Tabasco! Every past winner was given a lapel pin of a real package of Tabasco to affix to their name tag. We even awarded a secondary Tabasco to Ken Duong from the BBB. Ken truly went international to win the award by speaking in several different languages to pitch his "international" law firm. Now you have the International Tabasco Award to go along with your stellar record, Ken!


Lem Bucago, our award winning director, keynoted us about the BNI meeting experience. Specifically, Lem discussed the SMMs, Keynotes, and Stand and Deliver portions of the meetings. The three Ps are critical to your success with a Keynote...those three Ps being, Preparation, Practice, and Presentation. Below is a snippet of Lem's presentation that was captured on video. This is Lem doin' work. Lem was recently awarded best trainer in SoCal BNI for 2010 and 2009. Sign up for one of Lem's trainings. They're awesome!

Chapter Leaders and Biz for January:

The leaders for last month in the categories of visitors, referrals, and 1-2-1 meetings were recognized at the dais. Mr. Sando took the 1-2-1 honors, Angelo Dionisiou won for referrals, and James Kashi brought the most visitors to the chapter last month...and one submitted an app!

Greg Beck, our VP and sheriff, covered the chapter's progress in the categories of visitors, 1-2-1s, referrals, and TYFCB. The Champions welcomed ten visitors last month, participated in 232 1-2-1s, exchanged 125 referrals AND recorded over $68,000 in TYFCB. That brings our YTD total for TYFCB to approximately $230,000 for closed business for the four months ending January 31, 2011. Way to go Championes!! How's that Ken Duong?


The details for the eight chapter mixer capping off International Networking Week were announced and all Champions and BBBs encouraged to attend. The mixer is February 11 from 4:00-6:00 PM at JT Schmids in Anaheim (across from the Honda Center). The eight participating chapters are Champions, Velocity, Beachside Business Builders, Tustin BNI, Yorba Linda BNI, Liasions, WOMBATS, and Premier Professionals. We encourage chapter members to bring significant others or spouses. The event is cash and carry with a no host bar. The event should be epic!

The meeting was ended "on time" with a quote from Dr. Ivan Misner..."The secret to succeeding without hard work is still a secret!"

Make it a Champion week, ya'll!

My best to you,

Your humble President

Allen Buchanan

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