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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

President's Weekly Letter, Champions SoCal BNI

Woooooooooo, CHAMPIONS!

Oh where, oh where have our visitors gone? Oh where, oh where can they be? Oh well, maybe they are waiting for daylight savings time...oh wait, that occurred already. Spring break, maybe? Nope. C'mon Champions, let's fill the room with visitation like we used to! Remember that visitors buy and the more the merrier! We were blessed with the presence of two "jewels" today in the person of Richard Gartman and Julie McInroy of the Hidden Jewel chapter of SoCal BNI...our neighbors from Villa Park. Julie and Richard witnessed an epic International Tabasco competition...still no female winners, two wonderful keynotes, many, many testimonials, and a heck of a lot of one-to-ones, TYFCB, and referrals. I am predicting that the week may have set some records. Jim McCracken completed 13 1-2-1s last week...Go mello yellow! I almost forgot that the EC moment was one of the better ones of late. Once again, Mr. Sando used the "Sando players" to help act out his point! Don't sit too close to Jim or you may get drafted for his next casting call. So here was the flight of the Champions during this 12th day of April 2011:


Visitor table set tight and right by 6:45
10 early birds...smiling, arrived by 7:15, and name tag prominently displayed
Gartman and McInroy arrived
Collette's had plenty of food, "hot" coffee and early availability

Take off:

Champions called promptly at 7:45

Climbing altitude:

EC moment included Kathy Penton, Bo Lowe (fresh from facilitating his first visitor day at Tustin BNI), and Jim McCracken who demonstrated the improper and proper ways to welcome visitors to our meetings...now we just need some!

International Tabasco Winner this week...Angelo Dionisiou awarded the pepper to...Jody Houseman. Jody used a hammer and some wood to demonstrate, "if you hear this in your neighborhood" ask your neighbors if they have a painter...exceptional! Jody, during stand and deliver, credited a 1-2-1 meeting he had last week with Dr. Real (a two time Tabasco winner) on the genesis of the SMM. It is a good thing that Dr. Real didn't recommend breaking some plates to appeal to Angelo's Greek heritage and their propensity to fracture dishware. Brett Adolph did give Angelo a referral in hopes of persuading Angelo to choose him. So the question remains...who will be our first female winner...Ela, Kathy, Christina, or Carmina?...stay tuned!

Cruising altitude:

Keynotes...Gary Lorge commented during Stand and Deliver that these two were the best he has experienced in some time. Give it up for Brett Adolph of Payday Payroll and Rutger Hensel of Branding Personalities. Both of these Champion vets outlined new stuff...Brett a new logo and Rutger two new packages of offerings. Rutger and Brett played upon each other and leveraged the technology. After the keynotes a recommendation was made to the chapter to schedule 1-2-1s with both and have each invite a good referring party to attend...a CPA in Brett's case (tax season is almost over Greg) and an IT or web designer in Rutger's case.

I was pleased to have been thanked for $3500 in TYFCB during stand and deliver. This came from a California to Germantown, Tennessee referral for a moving and storage company. The cool thing was that I attended their meeting on Wednesday last and gave a testimonial about the mover...a fellow president named Mike Rupper.

Richard Gartmen, enjoyed the dynamics of the Champions and Julie McInroy liked the organization. I cannot wait to see the TYFCB and referral totals from today...I believe they will set records!

Congrats to Patrick O'Kane for volunteering to organize our upcoming bowling outing on May 12th at Concourse in Anaheim...more to follow. Patrick took away the Champion Spark Plug award today for the Champion who went above and beyond last week!

We are starting our approach to land:

The Evening Among the Stars Part Deaux is October 7th

The Champions believe it is a good idea to participate in bring your child to a BNI meeting on April 26th...should be a blast!

Thoughts and prayers to Clay and Dawn Colwell! Come back soon, Clay. We miss you!

We are cleared to land:

At promptly 8:58, the meeting was closed with a quote.

Please make it a Champion week everybody! We know that you have many choices when you fly and we are happy that you chose the Champions!

Your faithful President,

Allen Buchanan

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